Thursday, May 21, 2015


In about 9th grade, my friend Anna & I had found a playlist on an app called 8tracks, called 'Dust That Sings'. Since then, if I am ever bored or need something to get my mind to think about stuff, I will find a new Alan Watts speech to listen to. This one has always stuck out to me, no matter how many I listen to. It talks about your choices, and I figured it might correlate with this class, since we make many of our own choices every day in Journalism 2. What news sources to look at, what to write your story on, which point of view you want to come from, and so on. But the biggest most questionable question I have, that goes way beyond anything I have ever thought of, is where do our choices come from. No one knows. You kind of just think something and make it an action. It just pops up in your head and you don't know why but you trust your brain and you follow through with it. But yet we worry about if we made the wrong decision, or if we made ouyr choice too quickly, but if you took more time, you would still be thinking about the same variables, or what will happen if we choose another route. We fear that we make the wrong decision everyday. And maybe we did make a decision that wasn't our first choice, but that doesn't mean it was the wrong choice. No choice is a wrong one. People who are not confident in their decisions, worry 24/7 about what if they would've said something more, or said something less. Yet people who are too confident inn their decisions, may steer themselves into the complete opposite direction that that should have gone. But it still doesn't make their decision a wrong one. In this video, Alan Watts describes us as clouds. No one has ever seen a misshapen cloud, have they? No, because a cloud cannot be misshapen. A cloud doesn't have to think deeply about what they will do or where they will go. They just go with it. That is kind of like us. Every cloud makes up the sky, just like how every person makes up the population. But people don't judge a cloud because it isn't a shape, and doesn't look cool. It is just something that doesn't stand out. We think of every variable, and what might happen. "Choice is the act of hesitation that we make before making a decision. It is a mental wobbling." If we treat ourselves, as though a mistake can not be made, we will be able to trust our own thoughts and won't be worrisome. "Every path is the right path."

Friday, May 15, 2015

Where do you get your news?

In my opinion, I think that where people get their news depends on the type of person that they are. For instance, a sixteen year old girl and a seventy-five year old man with most likely not be getting their news from the same website or database. Personally, I get my news from websites like cnn, or just listening to the radio. I tend to get a lot of news from people who I interact with or people who come into my work. I believe that it helps a lot if you pay attention to your surroundings and keep in touch with a lot of people. Twitter has added a new feature on the mobile application that makes the newest trends on twitter show up, or what people are tweeting about the most when you go to search someone on twitter. Things like "Wendy Williams Calls Bruce Jenner a 'Fame Whore' & 'Belinda'" show up. I think it depends the most on how many people have tweeted about it and who are retweeting specific things. Facebook also does things like that, and they have certain ways to make news posts show up on my feed that are current news stories. My dad and grandpa are both really big into news, so that is where I see a lot of that. I get both sides because my dad will share more of the republican standpoint, where my grandpa is the complete opposite and will share the democratic view. I find both interesting because I am neither a hardcore republican, nor democrat. I would say I am somewhere in between. My grandpa always told me to figure out what I am, cause it will help me to find myself, and also find a husband someday later in life and it will give us things to talk about. But I think I am just fine with Max as of now, hahah. With my 10 days of news, within the first week of this project, I had chosen The Nightly Show on Comedy Central. This show was incredibly boring. I did not enjoy a single episode that I watched, and the more that I watched, the more I started disliking it. The host was not funny, and made every topic be about race, even if it wasn't. I didn't learn much from this show either, because it was not intriguing, and also every episode was 20 minutes long. I didn't stand a chance of learning anything from it. For my second week, I switched to The Colbert Report. Even though this show ended last year, I still gathered information that I wasn't aware of. With The Colbert Report, the host was funny, clever, and kind at the same time. I really appreciated his humor. He still made it educational, but he kept it short and simple, and was funny about it in the process. For the day that we switched news, I traded with Tommy, who had ABC News. I also learned a lot with his news source. Overall, I think that I was definitely more engaged with what was happening around the world and country.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


To be honest, I think that the generation that I am growing up in, could possibly be made up of some of the most creative, innovative, and intelligent people I have met. Granted, I've spent my whole life with people of my age, but it amazes me how clever we are. I think that not very many teens are interested in the news definitely has to do with the way that it is presented. Fox News Channel has been doing the same style of news since 1996, when most of us teenagers were born. We like seeing new things and being involved in different types of commotion and that's exactly what the news isn't doing. They do the same thing over and over everyday which isn't interesting to us teenagers. The Onion and The Daily Show are the news sources who are doing it right, bringing something new and clever to news. If the regular news outlets were to try something like what The Daily Show does, I think they would have to fire everyone on the news show and start over. They are stuck in a black hole, if they tried something new like the satire news sites, I believe that they would fail miserably. Just my opinion though haha.

Janitors sick of Seniors being to sissy to do a senior prank


"Yeah like all the seniors for the past 3 years haven't done a senior prank like oh come on who cares if you don't get to walk at graduation, I walk every day cleaning up all these kids' damn mess. The least they could do is give us some excitement around the school," said Janitor Bob Ranner.

It seems as though Ranner isn't the only janitor sick of this madness. So the janitors took the matter into their own hands and are planning to set up their prank tonight to mess with the administration and students.

"Its totally awesome," said Janitor Max Gemmard. "I came up with this plan and everyone is going to be so baffled."

The janitors are planning to switch every door and make them open the opposite way so no one will figure out how to get into rooms.


Not a single student in the high school realized the prank and the janitors failed miserably. Every janitor in the school was fired and now the new janitor is Brad Koltes.

Friday, April 10, 2015

a good story

One of Rusty's short stories about odd things happening while serving in the military

Thursday, March 26, 2015


I think that design is one thing that not everyone notices. When someone designs something, there are so many fundamental elements. Not only do designers have to try and make something appealing to the eye, they need to make it applicable to people as well. many people only notice something if it doesn't work well, they don't like to look at the things that the designer did well. This comes with any job or position, but I think it is very heavily hung over designers head. There are so many different jobs that have to do with design, some including an Advertising & promotions manager, an art director, a fashion designer, a film editor, an interior designer, a multimedia artist and designer, a photographer, and also a UX designer, or a graphic designer, which are the two jobs that I am looking at for my future. The main reason I want to go into some sort of design, is because of being in yearbook. As a junior in high school, I had though a lot about being a writer or a journalist. That type of lifestyle just seemed fun and interesting to me. Though I soon came to realize that I found myself always sitting on the computer trying to design new layouts for our yearbook, and meandering away from the whole writing thing. I like the thought of a person seeing something that I designed and thought of it as being very simple but pretty, as well as being docile. One of my only worries about taking on a major involving design, is that in college I will have a hard time thinking of new things or designs and won't be able to be creative. I also worry about people not liking things that I design, whether it be to be a graphic designer, or a UX designer. If that happens, it will be very hard to present new ideas to people. Being an editor has given me such a great experience, and I now have a better advantage over people who didn't get this opportunity. I think that anyone could go into design later on in life if they really wanted to. It requires skills that are very simple to learn. Whenever I tell someone that I am thinking of going into design they look at me like I am some sort of strange thing from another planet or tell me "Oh I'm not creative enough for a job like that." and it always throws me off because I never really though that I was a creative person until I actually tried, and now it comes easier and easier to me every day. I hope one day that I can make something that will benefit many people and inspire as many as I can.

Friday, March 6, 2015


When a person makes bad choices about news, I think that it is half the viewers fault, but also it is half the writers fault. If the writer writes something that is not good or welly written, it won't get enough views and it could be considered a bad story. Then there is a possibility that the writer will get bad reviews about it, and in the future you may not have the same audience that you had before. On the other hand it can be the readers fault if they make a bad choice, because it was their decision to read that story and not search harder to find a better one and didn't choose which story they wanted to read wisely.
In life as a news viewer, you have many different choices. There isn't only one type of news that you have access to read. There are many different options that you get as a viewer to choose what you want to read. There are many different things that can be used to read stories, there is the standard newspaper if you like the old fashion, there is the news stations that you can watch to see what is happening if you don't want to do much reading, watching the news on your own TV, the internet makes it capable to search the different news stations and get your news that way, and now if you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod etc you can download apps and get your news in that typa way. However, as a writer or an editor, you have the ability to choose what you get to write about. I feel as though you get much more freedom and variety on what to be writing, but you have a big job to think about what the audience wants to hear and you have to be able to make something that will get the attention of a big span and variety of audiences.
I think that older people dislike the online news, because they are so used to having only news paper and that is what they grew up on, so they are not used to the internet. I don't believe that they dislike the internet things, but they just aren't used to it, so they wouldn't make the decision to go on the internet first. I think that lately that a lot of older people are getting more into technology .I always tend to think about how when our generation is older, there is going to be technology way more advanced and exquisite than what we have now and getting the news in the future will be extremely different. I feel as though, then our kids will look at how our technology that we use today, and it will be like how we compare our technology to the newspapers. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

What is Journalism, anyway?

Journalism is a way to update the community and people about what is going on in the world around them. When someone is just sitting around, it can be a good way to entertain someone but also give them information about a topic that they might be interested in. With social networking, it may have been hard for journalism to start booming on the internet, but eventually, it became the easiest way to get information about a recent topic or an important event that may have just happened. If someone shares the news on facebook or even retweets it on twitter, a lot of people will see it. Also, many people, like Rob LaPlant, tweet out information on important sporting events which a lot of younger high school students would be interested in. People on twitter may even be considered "journalists" because they tweet out basic information about events. A lot of people have go to twitter accounts to see if anything new has happened. Like how last year, Mason Cox was my go to account to see if school would be canceled.

With older people, they might get important journalism updates from the Television, or even in news papers. It is very easy to get updates on the go, by stopping into a gas station, or stopping into your twitter feed to get the most recent news that is out there. Many people may like getting information by watching the news, or reading the paper. On the internet or social networking sites, it can be very hard to decipher what websites or sources are accurate or authentic. Many younger adults will settle for anything just so that they know what is going on, but don't check to make sure that it is authentic information. It is still yet to be determined whether or not this is a change for the better or not, with all of the false information that gets leaked into the internet.

Putting the authentic news aside, there are many many resources that contribute to leaked false scandals, like TMZ, and also many magazines. They try to get your attention and make things seem terrible, and exaggerate situations by a long shot. I think most people can tell if the stories that they hear are false or are coming from an unreliable source by how much it sounds exaggerated. The media can be very dramatized, but I think that no matter what your age or what generation you grew up in, everyone can tell false news from the truth and gather the information that they are searching for.